Uniform made
with recycled
polyester fabric

Polyester is now the largest single fibre group used for work wear and uniforms worldwide. We are a work wear company and we produce uniform using high-quality recycled polyester fabric made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles.

Using PET clear plastic bottles as the raw material means making ethical, sustainable use of thousands of tons of waste plastic which might otherwise end up in landfill. Uniform made with recycled polyester fabric maintain all the performance characteristics you would expect from Authentic Uniform. Recycled polyester products also helps us work towards a more sustainable world and demonstrates real respect for our environment.

Recycled bottles are collected, washed & chopped into bottle Flake

Bottle Flake is Melted & Formed into chips

Chips are melted & Extruded into recycled Fibre

Fibre is made into Fabrics & the germent we use & waer

Look what a recycled polyester
products can do for the environment

In comparison with virgin polyester, recycled polyester reduces energy and
water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


Recycles plastic bottles that would
otherwise go into a landfill:
it can take 1000 years for a Plastic bottle to biodegrade


Reduces energy consumption by
over 45% Vs virgin polyester


Reduces water consumption by
nearly 20% Vs virgin polyester


Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by
over 30% Vs virgin polyester