Durable industrial aprons for enhanced workwear standards, ensuring protection and functionality in industrial settings.

Welcome to Authentic Uniform FZC, your premier B2B partner in the UAE for top-notch industrial uniforms. As specialists in manufacturing and supplying high-quality workwear solutions, we take immense pride in presenting our extensive range of aprons tailored specifically for industrial settings.

Kitchen Aprons

Functional kitchen aprons designed for chefs and culinary professionals, ensuring comfort and cleanliness in food preparation.

Our kitchen aprons are designed with precision and durability in mind, catering to the rigorous demands of professional chefs and kitchen staff. Crafted from premium materials, these aprons provide both functionality and style, ensuring your team looks sharp while maintaining utmost comfort during long hours in the kitchen.

Cooking Aprons

For businesses in the culinary sector, our cooking aprons offer a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics. Whether you run a bustling restaurant or a catering service, our aprons are built to withstand the heat of the kitchen while exuding professionalism.

Versatile kitchen aprons for chefs and cooks, providing style and functionality during food preparation tasks.

Chef Aprons

Stylish chef aprons designed for culinary professionals, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal in kitchen settings

Elevate your chef’s attire with our range of chef aprons, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of culinary professionals. With features like adjustable straps and ample pocket space, our chef aprons are designed to enhance efficiency and convenience in the kitchen.

Custom and Personalized Aprons

Stand out from the crowd with our custom and personalized aprons, allowing you to showcase your brand identity with bespoke designs and logos. Tailored to your specifications, these aprons serve as powerful marketing tools while ensuring uniformity across your workforce.

Versatile kitchen aprons for chefs and cooks, providing style and functionality during food preparation tasks

BBQ, Baking, and Grilling Aprons

Durable BBQ aprons designed for outdoor grilling enthusiasts, ensuring protection and style during cooking sessions

Explore our specialized aprons designed for BBQ enthusiasts, bakers, and grill masters. From waterproof materials for outdoor BBQs to heat-resistant fabrics for baking aficionados, our aprons are engineered to meet the unique requirements of each culinary activity.

Vintage-Inspired Aprons

Add a touch of nostalgia to your establishment with our vintage-inspired aprons, blending classic designs with modern functionality. These aprons evoke a sense of timeless charm while offering contemporary features for enhanced performance.

Vintage-Inspired Aprons

Adjustable, Full-Length, and Half-Aprons

Versatile aprons with adjustable straps, available in full-length and half-length options for customizable comfort and coverage.

Our apron collection includes adjustable options for a comfortable fit, full-length aprons for maximum coverage, and half aprons for versatile usage. Whether you need full-body protection or freedom of movement, we have the perfect apron style to suit your needs.

Kids' and Toddler Aprons

Nurture young talents with our kids’ and toddler aprons, specially designed for budding chefs and artists. Made from child-friendly materials and available in vibrant colors, these aprons inspire creativity while keeping little ones clean and stylish.

Fun and functional kids' and toddler aprons for little chefs, ensuring mess-free and enjoyable cooking experiences.

Embroidered Aprons and Apron Sets

Stylish chef aprons designed for culinary professionals, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal in kitchen settings

Personalize your aprons further with our embroidery services, adding a touch of sophistication to your workwear. Explore our apron sets for comprehensive uniform solutions, ensuring a cohesive and professional look for your team.

Professional Aprons for Waiters, Servers, Baristas, and Salon Artists

Our professional aprons cater to various industries, including hospitality, catering, and salon services. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, these aprons enhance the professional image of your staff while optimizing their workflow.

Sleek and professional aprons tailored for waiters, servers, baristas, and salon artists, combining style and functionality flawlessly.

At Authentic Uniform FZC, we combine craftsmanship with innovation to deliver aprons that exceed industry standards. Partner with us to elevate your workwear standards and make a lasting impression with every stitch.